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Hey Guys
I just wanted to let anyone know whos looking to get a comic commission this week, that i am open for that.
I will try to finish alot of the big ones to make room for a big deal i want to get out there.

I'm moving out of this dump of an apartment, and money is very much tight. If i get this place ... productivity should go up 10 fold. Its a big spacious area. I want to get more of a business going, and get into design and painting.

I need to hit the $500 mark to make rent by Thursday.

I will be working like a dog to get to that point till then. If you have a commission now you are more then welcomed to remind me, and try to get it done THIS WEEK (if its pretty old, and you haven't reminded me already). I also invite you to donate if you ever felt the need to support me please do it now HERE .…
Whatever you can give is much appreciated. :)

Im offering a 5 page color comic special for $250.00
(a $500 value)

I will also like to add a
6 full color pinup package for $200
($385 value)

note me for offers, even if its for a little less.
Thx for all your help guys :)
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Submitted on
April 2, 2012


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